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Welcome to Tony Painting – Your Expert Painting Company in Ballinteer

Welcome to Tony Painting, the top-ranked painting company in beautiful Ballinteer. Specialising in Painting and Decorating, House Painting, Commercial Painting, Residential Painting, and Plastering services, we take pride in delivering detail-oriented and professional finishes for every project. Residents and businesses across Ballinteer trust our team for their painting needs, embracing our unique blend of creativity and experience. Bringing your vision to life and enhancing your spaces with our exceptional painting and decorating services is our mission. We invite you to explore our craftsmanship further and let us transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our Services

Residential Painting & Decorating

Leverage Tony Painting, the top-notch provider for Residential Painting and Decorating in Ballinteer, ensuring unparalleled service coverage.

Commercial Painting & Decorating

"Excel in Commercial Painting & Decorating in Ballinteer with Tony Painting, your unrivaled experts for top-notch service coverage."


Experience the superior wallpapering service in Ballinteer from Tony Painting, your trusted local experts, ensuring top-grade coverage.


Experience superior plastering in Ballinteer with Tony Painting, your top choice for exceptional service coverage.

Our accreditations

Painting Decorating Association

Our membership of the Painting and Decorating Association demonstrates that we deliver the highest standards. You can be rest assured that we are fully insured and qualified to undertake your project.

Quality Control Certified

At Decorwise have a quality control supervisor on every job we carry out simply because it ensures a high standard of work is consistently maintained, along with delivering complete customer satisfaction every time.

Safe Contractor Approved

This is the seal of approval that we’re fully compliant with all relevant health & safety legislation in the industry. Strict guidelines were passed to achieve Safe Contractor approval so you know your in safe hands.

Our projets

What we provide:

For decorating in Ballinteer please call us on 0876423815

Premier Painting and Decorating Services Offered by Tony Painting in Ballinteer

At Tony Painting, we pride ourselves in offering a plethora of distinct quality painting and decorating services that cater to various painting needs within Ballinteer. Our diverse services encompass House Painting, which provides comprehensive and customised interior and exterior painting solutions to enhance your living experience. Our Commercial Painting services further extend to businesses with an emphasis on delivering high-quality finishes that create a conducive work environment. With Residential Painting, we take a personalized approach to each project, providing a fresh look to your residence. In addition, we provide meticulous Plastering services that aim to create smooth and flawless surfaces ready for painting. Our experts are adept at Wallpapering, which is a cost-effective way of creating a stunning visual impact. Lastly, we specialize in Kitchen Cabinets Painting and Furniture Painting, transforming them with a fresh and appealing aesthetic. All our services are SEO optimised for ‘painting’, ‘painting and decorating’, ‘residential painting’ and ‘Ballinteer’, ensuring our broad range of services remain the premier choice in Ballinteer.

Why Choose Tony Painting in Ballinteer?

When it comes to any painting project, you want assurance that you’re hiring a trustworthy and professional painting contractor. At Tony Painting in Ballinteer, we pride ourselves on being a trusted, reliable, and professional service provider. Our specialized services extend to residential painting, commercial painting, and even cover a variety of decorative processes and design improvements, including plastering, wallpapering, and painting kitchen cabinets and furniture. These services solidify our reputation in Painting and Decorating, providing you with not just a fresh coat of paint, but a completely rejuvenated space. We believe in the transformative power of colour and texture, hence we strive to enrapture this essence in every project. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a refresh or a business owner pursuing a more inviting atmosphere, our residential painting or commercial painting services in Ballinteer are sure to meet your needs. We are known for our diligence, precision, and dedication to excellence, making us a leading choice in the painting industry.


1. What types of painting services does Tony Painting offer in Ballinteer?

Tony Painting in Ballinteer offers a wide array of painting services which include Painting and Decorating, House Painting, Commercial Painting, and Residential Painting. In addition to this, we also offer supplementary services like Plastering, Wallpapering, Kitchen Cabinets Painting, and Furniture Painting. Our services are crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients, giving them the best results possible.

2. How experienced is Tony Painting in the residential painting sector?

Tony Painting is extensively experienced in the field of residential painting. Our team of technicians have not only the skills, but also the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle various aspects of residential painting. We take pride in delivering a job well done and leaving our clients satisfied with our services.

3. Do you offer commercial painting services in Ballinteer?

Yes, Tony Painting extends its top-notch painting services to commercial clients in and around Ballinteer. We deploy experienced painters and decorators who are proficient in handling commercial projects regardless of the scale and complexity, ensuring we bring your vision to life.

4. What sets Tony Painting apart from other painting service providers?

Tony Painting stands out due to our dedication to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. We boast of a professional team with rich experience in both residential and commercial painting. Additionally, we use top quality paints and materials, ensuring durable and aesthetically-pleasing results.

5. How does Tony Painting ensure the best possible results in house painting?

At Tony Painting, we ensure the best results by combining our expert knowledge and experience in painting with the use of high-quality products. We pay attention to every detail, adhere to painting standards, and prioritize our customer’s desires and needs throughout the painting process.

6. Can Tony Painting handle plastering jobs in Ballinteer?

Yes, Tony Painting is fully equipped to handle plastering jobs in Ballinteer. We have a team of skilled plasterers who are adept at a range of plastering techniques, delivering perfect and smooth walls that are ready and primed for painting.

7. How does Tony Painting carry out wallpapering services?

Our wallpapering services at Tony Painting involve initially engaging with our clients to help them choose the perfect design. We then meticulously measure, cut, and apply the wallpaper, ensuring a beautifully finished, wrinkle-free surface.

8. Does Tony Painting offer kitchen cabinets painting?

Yes, Tony Painting offers kitchen cabinets painting as a part of our extensive service range. We give cabinets a fresh, new look, instantly upgrading your kitchen’s appeal without inciting the need for expensive renovations.

9. Do you provide furniture painting solutions in Ballinteer?

Tony Painting offers furniture painting solutions in Ballinteer. We can refine and refresh the appearance of your furniture, whether it is about restoring an old piece or changing the look of a new one, we’ve got you covered.

10. How can I get in touch with Tony Painting?

You can contact Tony Painting by phone on 087 642 3815 for any queries or to book an appointment for our painting and decorating services in Ballinteer. We always strive to address every query and concern promptly and satisfactorily.

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Tony Painting is an affordable and professional interior and exterior painting and decorating contractor. We offer free estimates for all house and commercial painting projects. At our company we put quality and customer service first.

We cover all County Dublin, Kildare, Meath and parts of Wicklow, and County Louth. We offer free on-site estimates to all out customers.

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