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If you have regarded as a contemporary coat of paint on your home’s exterior, realizing wherever to get started is 50 % the struggle. No matter whether your house has normal wooden, aluminum, vinyl, or hardie board (fiber cement) siding, each form of materials calls for a unique method when it will come to painting.

So, can you paint siding? The most easy answer is of course, but respecting the product with the right preparing, tools and paint will be certain the concluded item will come out seeking stunning.

Go through on to come across out how to technique painting every form of siding.

Painting Normal Wood Siding

For the reason that of its natural aspects, this form of siding needs preserving. Making sure you are remaining on top rated of maintenance of your pure wooden siding will assure your house stays in fantastic form and appears to be lovely. 

A superior way to retain the integrity of your purely natural wooden siding is to refresh its paint. Here’s a fast overview of how to paint organic wooden siding.

Stage 1: Inspect Your Siding

Verify to see if there is any flaking, peeling, exposed seams, or rotting wooden. These issues require to be addressed right before you start painting.

Phase 2: Scrape and Sand Loose Paint

Following putting down fall cloths to catch any paint particles, use a paint scraper to take out any flaking or peeling paint to be certain a easy complete. Up coming, using a sander, start out sanding with a coarse abrasive and end with a wonderful abrasive to sleek the edges amongst painted and scraped places. Failing to thoroughly prep your organic wood siding ahead of painting can result in uneven coverage or more peeling. Also, painting more than wood with substantial dampness content does not end the deterioration course of action and should changed.

Stage 3: Key Wooden

You’ll will need to wash the surface of the wood right before painting. Ideally, use a stress washer to blast away any filth or remaining paint chips by going from base to top rated to steer clear of any staining. Be incredibly watchful to not get h2o guiding the siding as this can bring about humidity challenges inside of your property. Enable dry for 2 or 3 days just before you start painting.

Move 4: Paint

We advocate making use of a primer/sealer right before painting your base colour to guarantee the paint bonds to the wooden correctly. As soon as that coat dries absolutely, use your paint coloration! Starting off from the top rated and performing down, make certain you are applying paint evenly to steer clear of noticeable markings as it dries.

Painting Aluminum Siding

A well-known preference write-up Globe War II, aluminum necessitates incredibly small maintenance and has good insulation and temperature protection attributes.

Although a affordable and long lasting substance, it is inclined to dents and quickly-fading paint. A quick coat of paint will continue to keep your aluminum-clad house sparkling!

Stage 1: Prep the Surface area

Examine the aluminum siding and scrape off any peeling or flaking paint, as perfectly as any aged caulk traces. Scrub away any mildew and grime with warm, soapy drinking water. Alternatively, working with a power-washer will pace up this system, just be careful not to get water behind the aluminum siding. Let dry for 2 or 3 days prior to you start off painting. Without having extensive prep, the paint end will bubble up, peel or fade quicker than supposed resulting in you possessing to do an additional painting project.

Stage 2: Primary the Surface

A galvanized metal etching primer will give you the finest final results when painting your aluminum siding. You will want to use a synthetic polyester paintbrush to deal with the whole area location and permit it remedy for at minimum 4 hrs.

Action 3: Paint

Making use of 100% acrylic exterior paint, use a brush to paint the edges initial before loading your paint roller. Run the roller in the route the siding is oriented (facet to facet if horizontal, up and down if vertical), operating your way from the top to the bottom. Let the paint dry for at the very least 2 hrs prior to implementing a different coat.

Painting Vinyl Siding

By significantly the most well known siding materials for dwelling exteriors, vinyl is viewed as routine maintenance-absolutely free that does not normally require painting owing to shade currently being blended in with the product. Having said that, vinyl siding can lose its luster in excess of time or you might be seeking a facelift for your dwelling.

Regardless of what the situation, you can paint vinyl siding, it’s just important to bear in mind that your vinyl siding will now be as routine maintenance-cost-free as the paint alone.

It is also vital to check if painting your vinyl siding voids any manufacturer warranties that may possibly even now be in effect.

Action 1: Clear the Vinyl

Rinse your siding with h2o. Then, with a cleaning remedy, scrub absent grime, grease, and debris, doing work from the bottom to the leading. Do not get drinking water behind the siding as this can cause pricey moisture difficulties down the line. Be sure it dries entirely right before going to the following step.

Action 2: Prime (Optional)

Vinyl siding does not demand a primer, but it won’t damage to use a person, specifically if your siding has deteriorated or withstood extreme weathering. Permit the primer dry entirely.

Action 3: Paint

Paint an even coat of exterior paint, utilizing the same method you utilised when priming. Allow the initially coat dry completely in advance of making use of a suggested second coat.

Painting Hardie Board Siding

Converse about long lasting. Hardie Board, also identified as fiber cement siding, is a composite materials made of concrete substrate. Far heavier than its counterparts, it’s really sturdy and commonly does not have to have a paint refresh for up to 20 years.

Painting hardie board is not only doable, it is recommended to increase its durability and keep your property seeking fresh new.

Step 1: Clean

Using a straightforward garden hose or a pressure washer, spray away any grime, grime, grease and dust. It’s greatest to commence at your roofline and operate your way down.

Step 2: Key

If you’re performing with brand new hardie board siding, ascertain regardless of whether it is Prefinished, Manufacturing unit Primed or Unprimed. If your siding is Unprimed, you will require to utilize an exterior-quality acrylic latex primer in advance of you start painting. If you have a Prefinished or Manufacturing unit Primed hardie board, you can skip this step.

Action 3: Paint

Thankfully, hardie board is an extremely effortless materials to paint. Nonetheless, no make a difference what technique you use to paint (brush, roller, sprayer, and so on), you will need to implement two coats of paint to achieve the best complete.


As you can see, it’s attainable to paint any type of siding. The kicker is the sum of time these initiatives can acquire, the machines and the common know-how that can change a weekend project into an high priced overhaul.

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