Exterior House Painting Tips Before You DO

It is necessary to properly prepare all surfaces to be painted. The major cause of paint loss and/or shortened life of the finish is inadequate planning. (Alex Trend Painters advice)The preparation of a surface can take only a few hours, while some days need to be completed correctly. All this time and work and your first can of paint has yet to be opened! For some, the time and information they wanted to do this was all they had to hear before calling us, but not for everyone. Others who finished the works themselves were happy with the results after painting for the first few years or so. It was not until the inevitable premature failure combined with the question of how long and how much money they invested to repainted themselves that they finally agreed to leave it to the experts the second time.

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This isn’t so high… Or it is. Or it is. The height of your home can be a bit disappointing from the ground, and do not forget to put a ladder on the garage roof safely to paint the second story. Adequate equipment such as proper ladders and leveling instruments to plan and paint high-level areas safely can be very costly. In addition to these costs, if you hate height, it may not be the best choice to paint a two-story home.

Paint, as some might say, is not always drawing. For many reasons, it is very important to use a good quality paint, but let’s look at the two most important to our current and past customers. First and foremost, the use of a high quality painting verse would increase the time between painting your home, saving you time and money. Additionally, and probably equivalent to many DIY home painters, high quality paints offer better coverage per limit, reducing the time required to apply additional pigment to the painted surfaces. Time and money, these two things always seem to come down. Every paint manufacturer has a fine, better and better paint line in his coating arsenal. My advice is that we avoid the low-grade paint choices because they do not meet the needs of most people. While it can save you a few dollars now, you will pay the prices in both dollars and repaint time at some point in the near future before it is necessary.

Let’s not forget this form of project’s physical aspect. The application of paint on the outside of your home can be difficult for your body. 100% of all repainted homes would require physical activity. Of this 100%, 100% of these homes require long ladders times (I don’t count of course any of the dog-houses that are being painted!). And in addition, 100% will also allow you to stretch and bend your body in ways that are not understood. While you might be in excellent shape, your physical impact will be the repetitive nature of painting, stretching and climbing up and down. Be truthful with yourself when you assess your fitness level, before committing yourself to a major project alone.

The above details did not change your mind and you chose to do it yourself and miss a professional painting contractor’s services. I admire your optimism and hope you will find something perfect. So one last friendly advisory word. All those paint cans that you just bought, please… Do not use one at a time. Do not use one. While you may have bought them all at the same time, if you’ve done it like most, it doesn’t match the color that the manufacturer originally placed in the can!!!! Purchase five empty buckets and “pack” the product together to ensure that the paint fits when applied on the ground. “Boxing” paint is all about mixing. Pour the gallons into one 5-gallon bucket and then 5-5 gallons until all color is thoroughly mixed. It incorporates the slight variations in color from can to can and makes the finishing coat more uniform.

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